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Who We Are

Who we are Vector
  • A cloud technology services consulting firm focused on accelerating our Client's "Cloud-Native Transformation Journey"
  • Our primary goal is to simplify our Client's cloud journey by eliminating clutter while untapping the "Cloud-Native Potential" of their applications
  • Specialize in accelerated delivery of DevSecOps automation using "No-Code / Low-Code" platforms
  • Based in Herndon, VA (US), Hyderabad, Pune & Udaipur (India)
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Map with above locations

Why KansoCloud

Provisioning and maintaining a secure & compliant Container infrastructure presents some unique challenges

Clients generally tend to focus on popular DevSecOps tools but often fail to adopt the culture and capabilities necessary to make a successful transition into a DevSecOps paradigm. While security & compliance are usually an afterthought, they should in fact be set up and automated as a priority at the time of infrastructure provisioning. That way the appropriate security posture is maintained from initial provisioning all the way to production deployment and operational support. Starting out of the gate with provisioning a secure & compliant infrastructure goes a long way in preventing operational issues arising due to architecture not following best practices and dependence on manual provisioning. KansoCloud utilizes bleeding edge “bot-based” platforms to provision infrastructure based on best practices in a secure & compliant manner. These bot-based platforms ensure reliable and repeatable infrastructure deployment based on agile DevSecOps processes that can scale with growth.

Application developers are motivated by the speed of creating additional features and delivering them, and they like the freedom containers provide to become agile. Meanwhile, operations teams are typically risk-averse and don't feel comfortable with using containers in production. A well-orchestrated Container automation pipeline managing all phases of infrastructure/application delivery and testing plays a critical role in ensuring the successful migration of code through different environments in a reliable and repeatable manner.

Application developers have embraced container technologies over virtual machines, since they make it easier to build, test and distribute application code and dependencies. The common refrain of “it worked when I tested in my environment” can now be extended to “it works when you test with my container package”. While this helps developers work more rapidly and better meet business needs, it poses a serious challenge for the operational teams managing such a complex infrastructure. Autonomous and Automated detection of issues and their remediation paves the way for consistent and secure operations eliminating manual intervention for the most part.

Our Team

>Govind Bangarbale

Govind Bangarbale

Good at solving problems you never knew existed!

Sanket Dangi

Sanket Dangi

Ensures there is a patch available to fix any issue!

Pramod Veerannagari

Pramod Veerannagari

Never gets angry with anyone unless it involves bad code!

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